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I was looking for a better option for someone to help me grow my business, a business friend introduced me to Miles Primrose from BusinessSight, “Chalk & Cheese” compared to before, Now, I have the support, there is so much depth in the program, I understand business a lot better, I am in control of my numbers, I have put on three new guys on the tools, I am happier and healthier.

Daniel Sullivan

Plumbmaster Plumbing

To say I am living the dream since completing the Trades and Builders Business Program is an understatement, I am happy, spending time with my Family and my business has increased by more than 420% and yes I am profitable.

Scott Jackson

ISJ Building

Before I started the Trades and Builders Business Program my goal was to learn more about money and the right way to grow my business, find and keep team, there’s got to be an easier way.

One of my biggest challenges before being on the program was Team, finding them, within two weeks of me asking Miles to help me, I had new applicants and have hired someone, Boom.

Hamish Wilson

Multivolt Services Brisbane

Australia's Trades & Builders Business Coach

Introducing Miles Primrose

Since 1993, I have worked with trades and builders, from project managing large format shopping centre builds across Australia to starting BusinessSight in 2003.

My vision was to create the most comprehensive business coaching and mentorship program specifically for trades and builders and we have certainly surpassed that!

With 60+ specialist presenters, our Trades and Builders Mentorship Program has helped hundreds of businesses across Australia achieve their goals and find success.

Miles is a supporter of NAWIC, The Tradie Lady Club, AWCI & AIB. He created Trades and Builders Magazine and is the Author of “The 12 Steps to Building your Business“, “The G.O.A.T Tradie” and “Trades & Builders Gain Freedom, Through Structured Standards“.

What You'll Learn​

What can you expect from indepth Business Mentoring?

So long as you are committed to working on your business, we will most likely have an option that can help you… All going well, the next step after the 12 Min call is to book in a 50 Min Zoom call so we can better understand your business, so we can make a qualified 
recommendation on the next stage.


Your Big Picture

Get clear on where you are taking the business.


People & Culture

This is critical to get this right in this current environment, we can create a reason why people will want to work with you.


Your Business Growth

Residential, Light Commercial, Government & Emergency work, 
we have got the system to get you to the top of the next stage.


Your Business Financial Model

Create, set and understand your business financials so you can grow the business and pay yourself what you are worth.


Your Office

Build an office that is not reliant on you, get the freedom you deserve.


Your Business Resources

Access all the resources you need for the industry from over 
60+ specialist presenters.


Your Client Onboarding

Before, During and After are all important Steps of the client Journey, Get all these documented so you can become the champion.


Your Leadership Journey

For your business to grow you need to grow as a leader, we will map out what your journey looks like for you to follow.


What our customers are saying about the course​

Discover how our Trades and Builders Program has helped business owners just like you:

In 2015 I was looking for a Business mentor and some guidance. I asked around my mates and they connected me with Miles Primrose from BusinessSight.

I called Miles and we had a good chat over the phone. I didn’t tell Miles at the time but i was sold on the workshop even before I met with him.
Now three years later my business has grown from a one person operation to a team of four with an office person.
I now have direction and know exactly where i want my business to head.
While I’m making money, Miles has also shown me other important items like time management which reflects on my overall wellbeing and happiness.

I’ve got ongoing support with Miles, which I would highly recommend if your a Tradey and looking to sort out your Business to call the guys at BusinessSight.

Adam Lynikas

Before I started the Trades and Builders Business Program my goal was to learn more about money and the right way to grow my business, find and keep team, there’s got to be an easier way.

I’ve been on the program for around three months, the support is great, I get reminded to do things, (Accountability) the days with the presenters are right up there, it’s great being around other Trades and catching up with them every week.

It’s one thing signing up to a business program, it’s another, getting looked after and pushed, there is stacks of resources and if I need something, I send a message and I get a response the same day.

Hamish Wilson
Multivolt Services

I completed the BusinessSight Mentor Workshop in 2016, The way Miles dealt with me was what I needed, someone to tell me the truth about what needed to change, it was great being in the room with other Trades and Builders. 

For me it was about taking the first step, from doing subie work for others to doing my own thing, it took me a while however I have made some massive improvements, my goals are not massive, however the main thing I got out of this whole process other than the workshop itself was reality check that I needed to step up and set up a decent business and implement discipline in my life and sometimes you need someone externally to do that with.

Darren Archer
S.O.T.A Electrical

As a young builder at the time i was looking for a Builders Business Coach and I connected with Miles Primrose at a Timber Event of all places, I signed up for the Trades and Builders Business Workshop and i would say the main things I got from it was gaining an understanding of all the different business aspects, and what to look for when I hire or get a business service. I took home a solid library of business tools to refer back. I had brief knowledge before doing the workshop on what to expect as a minimum standard when i get business services, and this was a massive help. Of course there was all the modules along the way, Business is good and things are going from strength the strength now.

Alex Caple

Late 2019 I attended a business workshop for trades and builders with Miles, I went into this workshop not knowing what to expect. I thought i was running my business well, i was earning money and landing jobs, i didn’t think there was much else to it. Once I started the course Miles opened my eves to so much more that I could and should be doing to run a business properly. He gave me clarity in many areas. I highly recommend Miles and the business sight workshop for all trades and builders if you want to grow your business beyond what you can imagine.

Scott Jackson
ISJ Building

I found Business Sight through a radio ad I heard in 2009; I liked how they were specialising in helping trades and builders with the business side of things, I couldn’t see anyone else specializing in helping trades and builders back then, they were the only ones.

Prior to starting the Business Sight Mentor workshop I was already driven to build a decent business, however I knew there was a heap I needed to learn. I learnt so many different aspects of business with the workshop from, money, business structure, time, sales, and most of all making things happen.

I now lead a team of 26 electricians and three office employees and we’re looking for more team members, have a young family and love the fact that I can spend with them. While it’s been ages since doing the workshop Miles keeps in contact with us now and then and we talk about my progress.

What ever size business you have in the building industry, id suggest you chat with these guys, you wont find anyone else more committed and full on to support you.

Justin Gomez

It doesn’t matter how good you are at business, it’s great to get help, and I am very happy I have been introduced to Miles Primrose, the Trades Business Coach.

I run a shower restoration business in N.S.W and my goal; is to build my team, it’s one thing finding people on the tools, it’s getting them to stay.

The amount of direction, structure, and support provided by Miles and his team has blown me away and more importantly the result, my new team member is happy and talking about how he loves being part of the team. I know I can be fussy and ask a lot, well I have got a lot more that what I expected and the support I get it is direct and quick.

Andreas Jagle
Leaking Showers Sealed

My partner Ryan and I run our own plumbing business, to make sure we were setting everything up correctly we started looking for a mentor that specialises in working with Trades. We had seen some Trades that we knew that were growing and doing well and got in contact with the mentor that was helping them, Miles Primrose from BusinessSight. We decided to go ahead with the Trades and Builders Business Program that BusinessSight runs and instead of my partner Ryan attending, I decided to be the one to attend all the days.

The program is so in-depth, structured, I love how all the different business topics are broken down and there are a lot of amazing specialists, it’s taken all the hard work out of having to find the right people, we are now building a great business team, and a great network at the same time.

We are now setting up the business the right way to have it structured for growth and over time make it less reliant on us.

Giulia Molluso

I decided to participate in the Business Sight workshop as I had come to low point in my overall mindset in business and personal life. had lost a sense of direction and there was a dragging feeling of uncertainty that was weighing me down. I had no sense of self and this was impacting on both my business and family life.

The business sight workshop provides a complete picture of both business and personal development. For me the biggest benefit I have gained from completing the workshop is how important self awareness and living a balanced life contributes to success.

Whilst I still have a long way to go with both business and personal development, I feel that the business sight workshop has provided a platform to build from.

Sean Cannon

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